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Very good. Quite convincing. I still think more information about what humanity can do to counter this takeover of humanity's freedoms should be our focus now. Maybe its harder to focus on humanity's hidden powers since its not as visible as the oppression we're experiencing. The worse it gets the bigger the need for relief. Perpetuating fear is coming from all angles. Enlightenment now spread far and wide somehow tapping into the spirit world to aid humanity. That's humans unique resource to save itself. I think it requires super advanced souls who are here already bringing in Love and Light and I imagine more are coming on board continuously. It takes imagination of a world filled with Love Light Peace higher Consciousness. That takes work passion determination Faith etc. Higher vibrational thought can move mountains. If that is truly what we want it will change things for the better. Thank you for waking up humanity. Spread it far and wide with our minds.

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