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Thank you Gary for this very comprehensive run down on the reasons we should be questioning the events of the last two years of lockdown and mandates. I appreciate your gentle style and am reminded of the presentation I saw in this last year of a Holocaust survivor who outlined the slippery slope that Nazi Germany went down while removing rights from the Jewish people--until they took them away to the camps. I was especially struck by the 13th commandment coined by another Holocaust survivor, "Though shalt not be indifferent." This has been the very hardest part of this era of mandated vaccination for me--that those who have elected to be vaccinated are standing by indifferently while Constitutional Rights are stripped from those who see good reason to NOT receive this emergency use drug are forced to. This, or they will lose their jobs and livelihood. In standing by indifferently while these crimes are perpetrated on the unvaccinated, we all lose our rights.

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